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Flash: Top British agent 'Stakeknife' named in media


An agent of the British Army's notorious and deadly 'FRU', known as
'Kevin Fulton', has apparently identified another agent allegedly
working within the IRA known as 'Stakeknife'.

Stakeknife has been identified in several newspapers today, but the
reports remain unconfirmed and no independent information on the
unfamiliar individual has come to light.

According to the reports, Fulton had threatened to expose Stakeknife
because he claimed the British Ministry of Defense has failed to
honour a promise of a relocation package after his cover was blown.

Stakeknife has been described as "the jewel in the crown" of British
infiltration into the IRA and was sanctioned to carry out killings of
other members of the British Crown forces and civilians in order to
preserve his cover.

Although Stakeknife had reportedly ceased to play a role in the IRA
for some time, he faced serious questioning from the Stevens police
investigation into the secret murderous campaign of British forces in

The media has linked Stakeknife to over 40 killings that include
British soldiers, RUC members, civilians and republicans. A British
Intelligence source is quoted as saying that Stakeknife's handlers
knew he was killing security force personnel and civilians in order
to keep his cover.

If his activities are confirmed, "it would be a public relations
nuclear meltdown", said one British source. Threatening to expose
Stakeknife appears had become common currency for former agents when
dealing with the British authorities.

He has now been spirited out of the country by British military
intelligence. There has been no comment by either the IRA or the
British military.

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