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Plastic bullets have claimed another victim after a west Belfast
man's death was linked to the serious injuries he suffered after
being struck by one 23 years ago.

Dominic Marron collapsed and died on Tuesday. In 1981, at the
age of 14, he was struck in the head by a plastic bullet fired
by British Crown forces.

He was hospitalised for a period and was left with brain damage
and partial paralysis.

The bullet was fired in the vicinity of Dunville Park on the
Falls Road during disturbances which followed the death of
hunger striker Bobby Sands in May 1981.

Clara Reilly, chairperson of Relatives for Justice, said Mr
Marron "suffered horrific head injuries which left him with
devastating paralysis and brain damage".

"As we highlighted his case across the world Dominic, with his
family, tried to rebuild his life. He had to learn to walk and
talk again and would never regain full capacity and suffered
serious ill health for the rest of his too short life," Ms
Reilly said.

She described Mr Marron as an "inspiration".

"He married and had two beautiful sons. He was eager to
participate in activities that could help him overcome the
effects of brain damage and help him with supporting his sons'

"He was also a fervent campaigner against plastic bullets. When
the new bullet was introduced, despite his terrible ill health,
Dominic went to Stor-mont to lobby politicians. He was an
inspiration to us all as he fought to tell the world of the real
horror of plastic bullets."

Ms Reilly said there was no doubt whatsoever in his family's
minds that Mr Marron died as a result of the injury that was
inflicted on him in 1981.

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said people in west Belfast had
been shocked and angered that another life had been claimed by
plastic bullets.

"We also must remember that the PSNI continue to use a new and
even more lethal plastic bullet weapon. This is completely
unacceptable and the news of Dominic Marron's death is a tragic
reminder of the lethal threat still being posed by these killer

Mr Marron is survived by his wife and two young sons, Nicholas
and Gary.

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