Irisch Republikanische Solidarität


Attack on Derry PSNI base

A masked republican carried out a gun attack on Derry's PSNI
headquarters yesterday morning, firing up to 30 shots from an
AK-47 automatic rifle.

It is understood that the breakaway 'Real IRA' carried out the
attack. No-one was injure in ths incident, although the gunfire
damaged the base, its defensive wall and three civilian cars
parked outside.

The gunman, who wore a scarf to conceal his identity, was driven
way. The vehicle was later found burned out in the republican
Brandywell area of the city, about one mile from the base.

The Mayor of Derry, Sinn Fein councillor Gearoid O hEara,
described the shooting incident as an attack on the peace

"It was both stupid and pointless and those responsible for it
are devoid of either strategy or vision and are indulging in
militarism solely for its own sake."

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