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UVF, UDA threaten nationalists

Nationalists in Derry have been urged to review their safety
after a joint statement from unionist paramilitaries warned of
attacks on the nationalist community.

A feud within or between rival factions in Derry has been blamed
for the murder of local man Darren Thomson last week. The
paramilitary groups have denied such a feud.

Sinn Fein Councillor Lynn Fleming said the the UVF and UDA had
again turned their attention towards nationalists in an effort
to defuse tensions within their own organisations.

"This pattern has been seen over many years and has at times
been excused by Unionist politicians as retaliatory actions.

"I am calling on all nationalists, especially taxi drivers who
have been targeted in a concerted campaign for over a year now,
to review their personal security when going about their

Fleming said the PSNI was ignoring ongoing attacks on
nationalist taxi drivers, the latest of which has seen a taxi
attacked with an explosive device.

"While several arrests, confiscation of weapons, and house
searches were carried out in an effort to halt inter-factional
violence, the campaign against nationalist taxi companies has
been allowed to continue unabated", she said.

* Sinn Fein has dismissed claims of Provisional IRA involvement
in a robbery in which a gang stole some four million Euros worth
of cigarettes.

PSNI police yesterday said republican paramilitaries were
suspected of involvement in the heist. Although Chief Constable
Hugh Orde said he was "not in a position" to name the specific
group behind the theft from a Gallaher's warehouse, unionist
politicians blamed the IRA.

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