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Bank heist stash found at PSNI club

The only cash yet to be recovered from the Northern Bank raid
before Christmas has been uncovered at a police sports facility.

Double standards of an extreme order have become evident
following the find, which has caused severe embarrassment for
the PSNI who operated the Newforge Country Club in the south of
Belfast. However, no investigation has been ordered into their

A search of the club was ordered on foot of information received
by the Police Ombudsman's office, reportedly from a police
officer, who said he believed drugs had been stashed there.

But a search found only packets of cash containing 50,000 pounds
sterling. The money was clearly identifiable as coming from
Ireland's largest-ever bank raid in Belfast on December 20th.

Despite suspicion that the Northern Bank heist must have been
carried out with the aid of some inside police information, the
find was immediately dismissed by mainstream journalists,
politicians, and police.

Tommie Gorman, journalist with Irish state broadcaster RTE,
simply declared last night the money had been "planted".

PSNI Chief Hugh Orde was forced to speak out today following the
confirmation that the first money from the robbery had been

The money recovered was only "a small amount of money in terms
of the bank robbery," he declared.

In a press conference today, Orde encouraged members of the
media to ignore the find and concentrate on events in County

"Its a distraction, its people trying to take the focus off the
key issue which is the operation run by the Garda and the major
crime inquiry we still have ongoing."

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