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The home of Gerry Adams and others belonging to Sinn Fein
members in west Belfast were targeted in a series of
orchestrated loyalist attacks today.

Sinn Fein general secretary Mitchel McLaughlin said the homes
were the subject of ball bearing attacks last night, with some
houses sustaining damage. No-one was injured.

"It has now been established that the homes of Gerry Adams, Fra
McCann and Chrissie McAuley were all targeted last night in ball
bearing attacks.

"A number of other republicans homes in West Belfast were also

"This wave of attacks replicates similar incidents last year
when dozens of republicans homes were targeted in Belfast.

"It is clear that all of the attacks last night were linked and
those responsible were operating with accurate information
regarding the addresses of republicans. One source of this
information could obviously be the PSNI."

Fra McCann said the attack on his home occurred shortly after

"Thankfully only the outer panes of glass were broken and the
ball bearings failed to enter the inside of the house. This
attack has obviously caused distress for my family and has
caused a great deal of anger locally.

"Whichever group or individual was behind this attack on my home
need to realise that they will not prevent me or my colleagues
from representing the people of this area.

"We will not be intimidated by attacks like this. Along with the
local community we will continue to stand up against criminality
and against those who are attempting to intimidate and threaten
this community."

A series of sectarian attacks in the Six Counties in recent
weeks has been blamed on a unionist paramilitary campaign of
intimidation as the marching season approaches.

The UDA was been blamed for a series of attacks on Catholic cars
and homes last week, particularly in Belfast, where rioting
broke out on Sunday.

In Ahoghill, County Antrim, the home of an elderly woman living
alone was petrol bombed, and in Derry, the UDA has been blamed
for a hoax pipe bomb attack on a Catholic estate.

Mr McLaughlin urged nationalists to be vigilant.

"I would also wish to make it very clear to those behind these
attacks and those directing and controlling them that Sinn Fein
will not be intimidated by this sort of activity," he added.

"We will not be deflected from representing our electorate and
continuing to challenge inequality and injustice and pursue
vigorously the demand of Irish unity and independence."

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