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Unionists wary of IRA statement

Ian Paisley's DUP will not be deceived by "rhetoric" by the
Provisional IRA, the party's North Belfast MP has declared.

Nigel Dodds was commenting on press speculation that a statement
may come soon from the IRA in response to Gerry Adams appeal for
the organisation to embrace democratic politics and end its

He said that the IRA have no intention of committing themselves
to exclusively peaceful and democratic means.

"The IRA's public pronouncements in the past have been proven to
be utterly meaningless. Rhetoric is not what is required," he

Sinn Fein general secretary Mitchel McLaughlin said yesterday
that the DUP's increased mandate must bring with it a more
responsible approach to politics.

"They need to accept that there will be no return to the failed
policies of the past and that the days of unionist domination
are gone forever," he said.

"However if they do not it is vital that the two governments
ensure that the DUP cannot be allowed to block progress any
further or to destroy a process which has achieved so much over
the past decade."

He urged the British and Irish governments to make it crystal
clear that there will be no dilution of the 1998 Good Friday

Meanwhile, DUP leader Ian Paisley may be planning to have
face-to-face talks with the head of the Catholic Church in
Ireland, according to reports.

East Derry MP Gregory Campbell said the meeting would be a
follow-up to a letter he had written to the Archbishop Sean

Dr Brady said he looked forward to his first official meeting
with Mr Paisley, the Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church.

His official spokesman said: "Mr Campbell's letter and comments
are a welcome development and Archbishop Brady looks forward to
exploring the issues further in due course."


Gerry Adams' recent appeal for the IRA to embrace purely
political activity is a formula that could lead to peace, one of
north America's most powerful elected politicians has declared.

Alan Hevesi, comptroller of New York State, also stated that the
DUP would need to respond positively if the IRA moves into a new
mode in coming months.

A longtime campaigner against discrimination in the North,
Hevesi announced his office's first-ever direct investment in
the North of almost 6 million Euro.

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