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Unionists blamed for bomb, arson

A bomb left by unionist paramilitaries at a primary school
outside Ballymena has caused anger and concern for the
children's welfare.

The pipe-bomb, which fell at the feet of a workman cutting a
hedge at the the mixed-religion school, is believed to have been
stashed there within the past 48 hours.

Three similar devices were uncovered and defused last month at
the school, an apparent staging post for unionist

Sinn Fein Assembly member Philip McGuigan said the incident
showed unionist paramilitaries were intent on creating
difficulties and dangers for the community in north Antrim.

"To leave these deadly devices in public is worrying, but I
would have to ask what these people thought they were doing when
leaving these things on the premises of a children`s school," he

"As a society we need to challenge the sectarian attitudes that
exist. There can be no excuse for the targeting of a school
whether it is Catholic, Protestant or indeed any other type of

"It is also essential that we close down the political vacuum
that is being filled by loyalist sectarian violence."

Meanwhile, unionist paramilitaries have also been blamed for an
arson attack on bar in County Antrim.

The fire broke out in Larne's Olderfleet Hotel bar in the early
hours of Friday.

SDLP councillor Danny O'Connor said that the bar was one of the
few "mixed company" pubs in Larne, a predominately Protestant
and unionist town.

"People on the street are certainly putting two and two together
and blaming senior figures in the UDA," he said.

"At this moment in time it's the only possibility that I see in
the absence of any other logical explanation. These people are
trying to dictate where we live and where we can drink."

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