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UDA, UVF mount attacks

A prominent loyalist was shot in yet another attack in County
Antrim linked to the unionist paramilitary UDA - the third within

The unionists paramilitary organisation has heightened its level
of violence in the coastal town of Carrickfergus - despite
reports hinting the organisation may be on the verge of a major
announcement over its future, and possible disbandment.

The UDA is suspected of being behind the shooting of a
32-year-old man in the town on Wednesday night - the second such
attack in days.

It is understood that the victim - who was shot in each leg - is
a leading loyalist.

Last week a UDA gang burst into a man's house in the same area
and dragged him outside. A gun was put to the victims head, the
trigger pulled, but it failed to go off.

Last month former gravedigger Thomas Hollran was murdered in the
same area in an attack also blamed on the UDA.


Meanwhile, the rival unionist paramilitary UVF is believed to be
behind a series of racist attacks on the homes of foreign
nationals in south Belfast.

The Monday night attacks involved up to seven men armed with
baseball bats.

In Derry, the home of a French-Turkish man was targeted in a
racist incident. The man returned home after a shopping trip to
find racist slogans spray-painted around his house.

On Monday evening in Belfast, a UVF gang burst into the Donegall
Road home of an eastern European man.

They attacked the 51-year-old with baseball bats. He was
hospitalised with injuries to his arm.

The same paramilitary gang smashed the windows of homes occupied
by asylum seekers on the nearby Coolfin and Fortuna streets.

The hardline unionist Donegall Road area of south Belfast has
seen an increasing number of foreign nationals in recent years.
The area has the highest rate of racist attacks in the North.


The DUP has said it is close to the point where it will talk to
loyalist paramilitaries about ending violence and criminality,
Peter Robinson has said.

The party's deputy leader was speaking after meeting the
International Monitoring Commission on Tuesday.

"I think there is a significant group within the loyalist
paramilitaries who are wanting to see violence and criminality
ended," he said.

He said the party is open to be convinced that this was possible.

"If we are convinced we can bring that day sooner, then clearly
we would have a responsibility to do that," the East Belfast MP

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