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IRA Volunteer jailed over 1989 attack

A former IRA Volunteer has been imprisoned in Germany over an attack on
a British army base in the country almost 17 years ago.

A German court sentenced Leonard 'Bap' Hardy to six years in prison on

However, Mr Hardy is a qualifying prisoner under the terms of the Good
Friday Agreement and an application for his release is expected.

The 45-year-old from Antrim faced charges in connection with the June
1989 attack at Quebec barracks at Osnabrueck. Hardy, who is married to
prominent republican Donna Maguire, admitted his involvement to the
German court.

He was arrested in August last year in the Spanish resort of
Torremolinos and extradited to Germany in January.

It had been reported that British police was involved in the
surveillance operation that led to his detention.

According to reports yesterday, Hardy is not expected to mount an

It was still unclear last night whether German authorities would
immediately free Mr Hardy under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

As the sentence was passed in a different jurisdiction, the republican
may have to apply to serve the remainder of his jail term in Ireland.
He could then lodge an application with the Sentence Review
Commissioners who would determine whether he would be eligible for

Meanwhile, H-Block prison leader Brendan 'Bik' McFarlane is due to go
on trial in October on charges of false imprisonment of supermarket
chief Don Tidey in 1983. Defence lawyers yesterday said they would
launch another attempt to halt the case.

Dublin's Special Criminal Court was told that McFarlane's legal team
would go to the High Court seeking a further judicial review of the
case early next term.

The three-judge non-jury court set a trial date for October 3 and
McFarlane remains on continuing bail for the next six months.

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