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UVF gang kill Scottish man


The brutal murder of a 36-year-old Scotsman in County Derry last week
has been blamed on the UVF.

Ronald Mackie from near Stirling was murdered after a dispute with the
local UVF leader at a fundraising event in a bar.

He was severely beaten and dumped in the middle of the road to be run
over by road traffic near the village of Tobermore. Mr Mackie was
soon struck by a car travelling from Tobermore towards Maghera.

It is understood the dead man?s body was dragged a considerable
distance before the vehicle came to a halt. According to the PSNI
police, the red car stopped briefly before moving off again. It is not
yet known if the vehicle contained anyone involved in the original
assault on Mr Mackie.

A loyalist gang had followed Mr Mackie and two friends from Tobermore
United Football Club early on Saturday. The dead man had earlier
fallen out with a leading loyalist. It is reported that a male and a
female companion of the murder victim were held back while he was
beaten and killed.

The murder victim died just hours after attending a controversial
loyalist parade involving almost 40 bands in nearby Maghera.

The parade was organised by the Maghera Sons of William loyalist band.
A fundraising event for the organiser was held at a social club in the
grounds of Tobermore United Football Club, two miles (3.2 kilometres)
from the town.


A Sinn Féin councillor in County Antrim has defied a death threat and
vowed to continue her work.

Ballymena councillor Monica Digney was alerted to the threat when an
unmarked postcard was received by staff at Ballymena Borough Council

The plain card bore the hand-printed words ?Warning, either shut your
trap or be shot.? The postcard was signed ?Ulster Loyalist?.

In 2005 Ms Digney became the first Sinn Féin representative elected to
Ballymena council. Since then she has endured a litany of abuse from
fellow councillors who often refuse to remain silent when she speaks
at meetings.

The Sinn Féin woman has also been to the fore in exposing equality
issues at the council.

Ms Digney says she will continue to work for her constituents.

?I work for everyone who comes to me from across this community and I
will not be intimidated.

?There are those within this town who think this council is here to
represent one one section of the community. I am here to show that
this is not the case and I will continue to highlight inequality where
I find it. I thought we had seen the last of these.?

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