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UDA mount attack on Antrim schoolchildren

Catholic parents in Antrim Town have told Sinn Fein councillor
Martin Meehan of their fears of sectarian attacks against their
children after up to 25 Ulster Young Militants (UYM) thugs and
eight UDA men were forced to abort an attack on St Malachy's High
school pupils after parents intervened last week.

One parent said that eight UDA men got out of two cars near the
school and that they were followed to the school by the UYM gang.

"They were going to attack the children going home from school to
the Springfarm estate but a number of parents intervened. The
PSNI then arrived at the scene and the loyalists retreated. God
only knows what would have happened if we hadn't been there.
These sectarian attacks against Catholic school children keep
continuing, when is it going to stop", said the parent.

Martin Meehan said that parents had approached him asking for
international observers to monitor and report on the ever
increasing sectarian violence directed at the nationalist
community in Antrim.

"The lack of concern regarding the safety of nationalists in
Antrim is not very reassuring for the Catholic community in
Antrim, we need to have political leaders, local teachers and
trade unionists to speak out against sectarianism in our society.
These attacks on nationalists in Antrim should stop immediately".

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