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Letter from Gerry Adams to George Bush and Tony Blair

President George W. Bush
Prime Minister Tony Blair

Hillsborough Castle
County Down

April 8th 2003

A Chairde,

Sinn Fein is fully committed to peace and justice in Ireland.

We support peace and justice worldwide as a basic entitlement of
all peoples.

The close ties between the people of Ireland and the United
States have been and remain central to the Irish peace process.

Sinn Fein's acknowledges and commends, this and we commend also
the positive role played by the two of you in the search for
peace in our country.

Most people in Ireland are opposed to the war on Iraq. Sinn Fein
shares that view.

We are also opposed to the regime in that country.

But we believe that dialogue, diplomacy and negotiation is the
route to the peaceful resolution of conflicts. The United Nations
should be accorded responsibility for this.

We urge that this war be halted now and that the UN be given the
primary role for providing humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people
and of rebuilding their shattered country.

Urgent attention must now be paid to the conflict in the Middle
East and every effort made to resolve that ongoing tragedy for
the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.

Is mise le meas

Gerry Adams MP
President Sinn Fein

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