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Arson attack on Antrim family; UDA tensions re-ignite

A County Antrim mother has been terrorised after a sectarian
petrol bomb attack on her home in which her three young children
were sleeping.

Gemma Dollery and her baby son were asleep in the living room of
their home in the Rathenraw estate in Antrim town when a petrol
bomb struck the double-glazed window yesterday morning.

The device smashed the first pane but rebounded of the second,
setting fire to items in the back garden at around 2am.

"We had just got the baby over and my partner and I had fallen
asleep. I heard the smash and thought a stone had been thrown at
the window but when we looked outside the garden was on fire,"
the mother-of-three said.

"My partner and a next-door neighbour put out the flames.''

Ms Dollery's two older children - aged two and three - were
asleep in upstairs bedrooms at the time of the attack.

Ms Dollery said she thought her house might have been targeted
because its location made it "an easy target".

* Meanwhile, a number of UDA members who left the North of Ireland
following recent feuding have returned.

Supporters of Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair arrived on the ferry from
Scotland on Tuesday night.

It is understood that Adair's son Jonathan was among the men who
attempted to return to Belfast, but that he returned to Scotland
shortly afterwards.

PSNI police had to intervene to prevent fighting between Adair's
men and up to 200 of their former opponents in the UDA who had
been waiting at the dockside.

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