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Families flee UDA threats

Three Catholic families have been forced out of their homes in
south Belfast after unionist paramilitaries threatened to shoot
them and torch their houses.

The UDA was last night being blamed for the threats, which were
made against the families who live in Delhi Street, near the
Ormeau Bridge, in the Ballynafeigh area.

One of the families and their elderly mother, who lived in a
separate house, had left the area at the beginning of the week,
while the other - including four children - fled the street on
Friday night.

A third family, who also have four children, left over the

Mayor of Belfast Alex Maskey condemned the incidents.

"Three families were forced to leave Ballynafeigh in recent days
by elements of the UDA intent on escalating tensions," he said.

"The UDA in that area are actively recruiting people to their
ranks and seeking to cause trouble.

"The painting of new loyalist paramilitary murals is also a
worrying development as we approach the loyalist marching

He accused the UDA of "flexing its muscles" in a mixed area which
was "finely balanced".

Past problems in the area had been "nipped in the bud" through
mediation, he said.

"I hope that can happen again and I would appeal to those with
influence to step in," he said, warning: " This could stoke up
tensions ahead of the marching season."

Mr Maskey said he believed the incidents were "isolated but

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