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Online petition for elections in North of Ireland

May 29th should have been the day for Assembly elections in the North
of Ireland. Instead, it is a day of action to protest the cancelling of
those elections by the British Government. There is a petition being
circulated world-wide to demand the British Government set a date and
hold these elections.

It is urgent that everyone who supports freedom and democracy sign on
to the petition. Let Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern and George Bush know that
world condemns the ongoing denial of democracy in the North of Ireland.

This link should take you to the petition:

If the link doesn't work in you browser, the address is:

Forward this e-mail to everyone you know.

If the Irish Diaspora, in hundreds of thousands, could carry the song
"A Nation Once Again" to number one in the BBC 'Song of the Century'
contest; it can certainly mobilize to remove the British blockade on
Irish democracy.

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