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Families of Stone's victims take legal action

The families of three men shot dead by a unionist paramilitary at a
funeral ceremony in West Belfast are planning legal action against the
British Ministry of Defence and police in the North of Ireland, it has
beeen announced.

Relatives were outraged when the self-confessed mass murderer detailed
his crimes in a new book, serialised in a Sunday newspaper.

Stone gunned down Thomas McErlean, John Murray and Caoimhin Mac
Bradaigh and injured 60 others during the funerals of three IRA
Volunteers at Milltown cemetary in west Belfast in 1988.

Stone has been publicing the book with a number of television
appearances. On Friday night, Mr Stone appeared on the Late Late Show,
the flagship television program of Ireland's state broadcaster, RTE.

Stone has admitted there has been collusion by the British security
forces in the killings.

According to reports, Stone has admitted using weapons imported by
British military intelligence; using an RUC police pistol and
ammunition; and travelling with a member of the RUC to collect illegal

The families of those killed and injured by Stone said they had
instructed lawyers to "issue proceedings against the Chief Constable of
the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the British Ministry of
Defence for damages".

Additionally they would be seeking access to the accounts of the
proceeds of the sale of Mr Stone's recent book. But there is no formal
legislation to prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes.

A statement issued on behalf of some families, including that of
Catholic Paddy Brady, murdered by Stone in 1984, said: "A stand needs
to be taken, not only in this instance but also to prevent other
families in the future from being subjected to the similar grotesque
spectacle that we and our immediate families have had to endure in
recent weeks.

On the collusion claims they said: "There has always been a long held
view that Stone did not act alone in his attack on mourners at Milltown

"If the incident had occurred in any other society our loved ones would
have been posthumously honoured for their actions, valour and immediate
disregard for their own safety in the interests of saving the lives of
others. But this was never going to happen for the agents of the
state-assisted Stone."

Stone was jailed in 1989 for murdering six Catholics including that of
joiner Kevin McPolin in 1985 and delivery man Dermot Hackett in 1987.
He was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement 11 years

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