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Junior Orange parade to march on Garvaghy Road

The first parade of the marching season by the Protestant Orange Order
is to pass along a section of the nationalist Garvaghy Road road in
Portadown next Saturday. The Parades Commission has ruled that the
march can go ahead, with the same restrictions as last year.

Parades by the Orange Order in the nationalist enclave in Portadown
have frequently resulted in serious clashes between police and local
residents protesting against provocative and triumphalist marches.

Last night Garvaghy Road residents spokesman Breandan MacCionnaith said
nationalists living on the road were disappointed at the ruling.

"Our view, as we made clear to the commission, it that we don't believe
the parade should have been permitted in the first place or in previous
years" he said.

"They are going out of their way to parade along the lower half of the
Garvaghy Road. They have ample opportunity to parade all day. There is
no reason why they should march that 100-150 yard stretch where they
are not wanted. It is not too much to ask."

Sinn Fein assembly member Dara O'Hagan said the march caused massive
disruption to daily life in the area.

"This is a bad decision for nationalists living on the Garvaghy Road.
It defies logic and will increase tensions."

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