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Murder suspected as UDA feud continues

A well-known loyalist is believed to have been killed after being lured
back to the North of Ireland by his one-time associates in the unionist
paramilitary UDA.

It is understood that Alan McCullough, who was on a UDA death list, had
been told he could return to Belfast as part of a deal to end a
continuing feud within that organisation.

Mr McCullough was one of dozens of UDA members, loyal to the notorious
Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair, who were driven out of the lower Shankill in
west Belfast by the mainstream UDA after the murder of leading UDA man
John Gregg.

But it was claimed that the mainstream UDA last week agreed a deal to
lift the death threat and allow Mr McCullough to return home to the
North of Ireland.

Mr McCullough is understood to have returned to his mother's home at
the weekend, believing that the UDA death threat against him had been
lifted. He soon went missing and is now presumed dead. A search is
underway around the upper reservoir close to an estate where houses
were attacked during the feud between warring UDA factions.

It was reported that he had left his home in the lower Shankill on
Wednesday in the company of a leading Shankill loyalist, now under

However, Sammy Duddy of the Ulster Political Research Group (UPRG), the
political wing of the UDA, rejected claims that the UDA was behind Mr
McCullough's disappearance.

"I'm completely in the dark. He could have gone back to England or
anywhere", he said. "If (the UDA) had been involved someone would have
got a message to me to release a statement."

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