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British intelligence blamed for covert break-ins

A leading member of Sinn Fein has warned that British intelligence
officers were responsible for a break-in at his house in Derry.

It is one of a series of illegal entries and covert operations being
blamed on British forces working against the peace process.

Sinn Fein assembly candidate in Derry, Raymond McCartney, suspected the
break-in was carried out in an effort to spy on his political

Mr McCartney, a former leader of the IRA in Long Kesh prison and a
former hunger striker, said he realised intelligence officers were
responsible when he found a notebook in his house.

"My family and I were away over the weekend and when we returned to my
home on Sunday night I noticed a note book lying in the kitchen," he

"On examination of this book I found that it contained sketches and
precise measurements of the keys to my doors."

The diagram in the note book also contained other details about Mr
McCartney's home - in the greater Shantallow area - including the fact
that one room had "parallel curtains".

Written in two different hands, the notes revealed information such as
the depth of "keyway" in locks and the pin gauge of keys as well as
sketches of keys.

It was clear his home had been entered illegally and measurements of
locks on doors had been taken.

He believed the notebook was left by mistake.

"I believe that this burglary was carried out by members of British
intelligence who have increased their surveillance operations of me
since I was nominated to stand as a candidate in the recent election,"
Mr McCartney said.

He said he carried out a detailed examination of his home but found no
other evidence of intelligence gathering equipment. But he stressed
that he intended to obtain the necessary equipment to conduct an
electronic scan of the building.

"Given the history of collusion between British Intelligence/ Special
Branch with unionist death squads, my family now believe that apart
from the security of our home being compromised that this information
will be handed over to unionist paramilitaries," he said.

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