Irisch Republikanische Solidarität



Compromised British agents working in the North of Ireland for the FRU,
a covert unit of British Military Intelligence, may have been
deliberately sent to their deaths by their military masters, it has

According to a former member of the FRU and close associate of
Brigadier Gordon Kerr, agents whose cover had been compromised were
encouraged to return to Ireland. The former FRU soldier claims that
agents were told to return, not despite the obvious dangers, but
because of it.

According to the FRU whistleblower, the ploy was intended to save the
#250,000 that it cost to resettle each former agent with a new identity
in a safe house in England or further abroad. But the elimination of
agents no longer of any use and who also knew too much must have been
expedient beyond monetary considerations.

According to the allegations, the FRU inner core, which sent agents to
their deaths, weren't simply putting their agents, lives at risk.
Through the manipulation of other embedded agents British Military
Intelligence could directly commission their killing.

In a statement to John Stevens, the London police chief who has
conducted three probes into allegations of collusion, the former FRU
operative claimed that the secret policy to eliminate compromised
agents was run by an inner core of four people in the FRU.

Earlier in the year, the Stevens' team questioned the former head of
the FRU British Brigadier Gordon Kerr for seven days. The former FRU
soldier making the allegations is known to have been close to Kerr and
his wife, who was born in the north of Ireland. As head of the FRU, it
is inconceivable that Kerr would not be party to any inner core.

Kerr was until recently British Military attache in Beijing, one of the
most senior postings in the British establishment. A few months ago,
Kerr was speedily dispatched to the Middle East after it was suggested
in the media that Stevens was about to arrest and charge the Brigadier.
As a serving British officer engaged in 'the theatre of war', he was
placed beyond recall by the civil authorities.

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