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British securocrats target Sinn Fein representative

Newry Armagh Sinn Fein representative Conor Murphy has accused British
securocrats of continuing their covert activities and has questioned
why members of a British Army foot patrol photographed his home on
Monday evening.

Murphy said that several British Army foot patrols, accompanied by
members of the PSNI, were seen on the main road passing his home in
Camlough. One particular patrol stopped and took a series of
photographs of the house. "This is a very worrying development for my
family and myself," he said.

"For many years British Army and Special Branch files have been a
primary source of information for unionist paramilitaries. On many
occasions I have highlighted the long history of collusion, which has
resulted in the deaths of nationalists and republicans. This latest
development is nothing less than state intimidation and an attempt to
silence Sinn Fein and myself from demanding the truth about collusion.

"I have also written to British direct rule Minister Jane Kennedy
asking her to explain why the British Army are photographing the homes
of elected representatives. I have also questioned who has access to
this information and where is it stored. We need answers as to why the
British Army continue to gather and collate information on elected
representatives. This is clear evidence that the securocrats within the
British administration continue their covert activities. I have also
raised this matter with Brian Cowen and the Irish Foreign Affairs
Department in Dublin."

Also in south Armagh, Sinn Fein Councillor Packie McDonald has
condemned the recent upsurge in British Army and RUC/PSNI activity in
the area, especially the increased helicopter activity.

"Contrary to the promises of the British government of a reduction in
their militarisation of this part of Ireland they are moving to
entrench themselves even further with ongoing construction evident in
the Forkhill base," said McDonald on Friday last. "Local people
reported a convoy entering the base within the past week and the level
of harassment has increased dramatically. People have been stopped at
nuisance roadblocks whilst on their way to mass at the weekend and a
number of raids on homes have taken place, including one house when the
family were on holiday.

"On Tuesday night, 12 August, up to seven helicopters carrying a large
number of British troops and RUC/PSNI members landed in Jonesboro and
launched a raid on the home of an elderly woman who has serious medical
problems. This kind of activity highlights the disparity between
British government promises and the reality of the actions of their
armed forces in this area."

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