Irisch Republikanische Solidarität


Act for Justice for Colombian Three

* The juryless trial, before a single Colombian judge, of
Irishmen Niall Connolly, Martin McCauley and James Monaghan
began on October 4, 2002 and concluded on August 1, 2003 after
7 adjournments. The men are courageously represented by
Colombian human rights lawyers. Judge Acosta has reserved
judgment and his verdict is expected soon, possibly in

* Our focus, at this critical stage, is the Colombian
government. The Colombian government needs to know that the
world is watching how fairly and independently their judicial
system operates. We are asking that Judge Acosta be permitted
to make his judgment BASED ON THE EVIDENCE, free from
political or military pressure from Colombia or the U.S. or
any other outside influence. If that happens, we are
confident of the result.

* The evidence is clearly on the side of Connolly, McCauley
and Monaghan. Based on the evidence it provided at trial, the
prosecution has NO case with regards the principle charge of
training FARC military.

- The men were arrested in August 2001 in the open Peace
Zone. Peace advocates from around the world have also
travelled there, including elected political leaders and human
rights activists from around the world. The three men declare
they were in the zone to share their experiences from the
Irish peace process and to bring back to Ireland what they
learned from the Colombian peace process, which was ongoing.

- The prosecution's case was filled with inconsistencies and
allegations refuted by clear video evidence, countered by
testimon from credible defence witnesses and authenticated
affidavits placing the defendants elsewhere when they were
supposedly training FARC. These include Irish government
diplomats and human rights organization workers who testified
at trail, former employers, and others.

- The forensics do not support the case against the men
either. Dr Keith Borer, a famous, independent forensic
scientist, examined al the materials in regard to the forensic
tests carried out at the US Embassy [a very suspect event in
itself and an indictment agains Colombian independence in the
case] and stated in court that there is NO forensic evidence
against the men. Colombian forensic tests proved negative
after 113 tries to find a positive result. Dr. Borer also
testified that FARC technology is unchanged durin this time
and that FARC and IRA technology were and remain very
different. In other words, there is no evidence, real or
theoretical, that these men were training FARC.


Contact Colombian embassies and consulates throughout the

Address your remarks to President Alvaro Uribe and the various
ambassadors and consul generals. The President can be
contacted by E-mail through the Colombian web site:

In England, Scotland & Wales Contact:

Colombian Embassy
3 Hans Crescent
Tel. 0207 589 9177 / 589 5037 (Human Rights Officer's extention is 112)
Fax 0207 581 1829 / 589 4718

In the US, contact:

Ambassador Luis Alberto Moreno,
The Embassy of Colombia,
2118 Lero Place NW,
Washington, D.C. 20008;
Phone: 202 387-8338; Fax: 20 232-8643;
E-mail: <>

There are Consulates in the following cities: Atlanta, New
York, Houston, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. These can also
be accessed through


* You are familiar with the facts of the trial.

* All you ask is that Judge Acosta be given the space to make
an independent judgment based on the evidence presented at
trial and be free from outside political or military

* Indicate that you are concerned that justice be done and
will be carefully noting reports from international legal
observers and civi and human rights groups.

* Lastly, you hope that Colombian justice will be fair and


* Don't get into the legal details or lecture about justice,

* Don't be confrontational or insulting.

* Your tone with Colombian diplomats should be serious but
friendly and positive. Above all, we want them to know we are

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