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The loyalist paramilitary UVF has been blamed for the murder
of a 31-year-old welder in Ballyclare, County Antrim at the

John 'Jock' Allen, died in a hail of gunfire when he answered
a knock on the door just before 2.30am on saturday morning.

Two gunmen pumped bullets into his head and legs.

Mr Allen was then taken to hospital but later died of his
injuries. His half-brother was not hurt but was traumatised.

Mr Allen's family said the man, described as a 'gentle giant'
was targeted because he was a friend of Trevor Gowdy, a
Ballyclare doorman who was attacked by the UVF with hatchets
and a crowbar in December 2002.

Mr Gowdy suffered a fractured skull and serious wounds. He has
now been moved to England under a police witness protection

The father of John Allen has revealed his son was ordered by
the UVF to leave the town a month ago and says his son was
killed for standing up to them. He had been attacked by the
UVF three years previously, it has emerged.

The UVF has claimed the murder had not been sanctioned by it.
But their limited denial has failed to lift the pressure on
the Progressive Unionist Party, which is linked to the UVF.

PUP leader 'David Ervine' suggestedd there had been a
"breakdown in discipline" within the UVF. He described the
murder as "madness" and said he unreservedly condemned ir.

Mr Allen's brother described how he comforted his brother as
he lay dying. "He was on the ground and I went over to lift
his head and blood came pouring out," he said.

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