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A former RUC detective has claimed that police informers who
carried out murders were later shielded from prosecution.

Speaking on a UTV documentary, Johnston Brown offers his
support to Raymond McCord, who believes two men involved in
the killing of his son worked for the RUC Special Branch.

Raymond Junior, a 22-year-old former RAF man, was battered to
death in Newtownabbey six years ago.

His father believes he was killed by the unionist paramilitary
UVF to cover up a drug deal.

"I know exactly what happened to him. he went to visit a
friend in jail and after the jail visit he came home and was
lured to his death by so-called friends," said the victim's

But Mr McCord's most serious allegation is that two men
involved in the killing were working for the RUC Special

The allegation is now being investigated by the Police
Ombudsman Nuala O`Loan.

"As a protestant from a unionist background, I always thought
when I heard about this collusion it was republican
propaganda. It`s not republican propaganda, its the truth."

On tonights Insight show, he is backed by former detective
Johnston Brown, who says members of the UVF in Mount Vernon
appeared to be 'above the law'.

Brown said: "Could we have put the majority of them in jail in
1997, 1998, 1999? Absolutely. Lives would have been saved time
and time again. There appeared to be no will to prosecute
certain individuals."

Meanwhile, Mr McCord is facing a campaign of intimidation by
the paramilitaries.


Meanwhile, Freddie Scappaticci, who denies being the British
Army agent and IRA informer 'Stakeknife', has been summonsed
by a senior British intelligence operative.

Sam Rosenfeld, who once worked undercover gathering
intelligence on the IRA in both the Six and 26 Counties, has
also summonsed London police chief John Stevens to appear at
the High Court in London.

Outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Rosenfeld said: "I want
the truth. It's time the truth about all this collusion was

The 'Stakeknife' figure is accused of carrying out a series of
killings of Republicans while working undercover in the IRA on
behalf of the British Army's terrorist unit, the Force
Research Unit (FRU).

Sinn Fein has backed Scappaticci in regard to the allegations
made against him. Mr Scappaticci's Belfast lawyer said his
client did not know Mr Rosenfeld.

The case is due to be heard on December 17.

Stevens, who is continuing his inquiry into allegations of
collusion between the British forces and paramilitary
asssasins, has confirmed he is to question an agent known as
Stakeknife. They have yet to meet.

Rosenfeld, a building contractor, worked for the FRU between
1990 and 1993. British Defence chiefs are attempting to gag
him to prevent damaging details being revealed about its
'dirty war' in Ireland.

A former intelligence agent known as Kevin Fulton and Martin
Ingram, once a FRU handler turned whistle-blower have been
summonsed as well. Fulton has confirmed he will be attending.

Mr Rosenfeld claimed his partner lost their baby daughter a
month before she was due to be born after a police raid on
their home in Irvinestown, County Fermanagh in June 1992. He
was not there at the time and is understood to blame bungling
by the security forces for the loss of his unborn child.

He and Mr Fulton have also claimed their military bosses
reneged on an agreement to re-settle them with a pension after
their links with the intelligence agencies ended.

The the 1989 murder of Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane is one of a
number of killings involving alleged collusion which is under
investigation by Sir John`s team.

Mr Rosenfeld claimed this week that the British Ministry of
Defence would attempt a cover up of details of their
operations in Northern Ireland in the years before the IRA`s
first ceasefire in August 1994.

He also said he had suffered British harassment for a decade.

He added: "Everyone has suffered, particularly families who
have had relatives murdered in disputed circumstances. They
need closure in the same way I do.

"Sir John Stevens who has been investigating collusion for the
last 14 years is in a position to answer important questions."

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