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IRA blames British for lack of progress

In its New Year statement, the IRA has said the British
government is mainly to blame for the lack of progress in
recent months.

The leadership of the mainstream IRA said they had kept their
word in October's agreed sequence of events -- intended to
revive the 1998 Good Friday Agreement -- with a third act of
putting arms beyond use.

"This involved the largest amount of arms to date.

"After that the sequence was put on hold. Since then the two
governments have not honoured their part of it.

"Consequently there has been no progress on a range of issues

"The British Government carries the premier responsibility for
that. Its failure to deliver is of deep concern."

The IRA said its unilateral actions had helped keep the peace
process alive.

"During the past year we have again demonstrated our readiness
to facilitate progress in a clear and meaningful manner."

"The leadership of the IRA have kept their word and fulfilled
their commitments. Others must do the same."


Meanwhile, the breakaway group known as the 'Real IRA' also
issued a New year statement at what it said was "a difficult
time for Republicanism".

It said "the volunteer soldiers of Oglaigh na hEireann" had
shown "uncompromising loyalty to the values of Irish
Republicanism" despite an "onslaught" by an anti-republican

"This alliance including Free State quislings and so-called
Constitutional Nationalists are at the forefront of attempts
to internalize the conflict in the occupied six counties.

"Led by British Imperialism they continue to promote the
obscenity of partition, therefore denying the people of
Ireland the right to self-determination."

The group said the causes of conflict remain in place, and
called for the the British to declare their intention to
withdraw from the Six Counties.

"Only by remaining steadfast and true to these principles can
we lay the foundation stones for the Socialist Republic
envisaged by the men and women of 1916.

"Ireland unfree shall never be at peace."

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