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What is claimed to be the full list of the victims of British
agent Brian Nelson was published by the Sunday Life newspaper
at the weekend.

The newspaper has serialised a new book by a man known as
Martin Ingram, who claims to have worked alongside Nelson in
the British Army's murderous Force Research Unit for almost 10

According to Ingram, Nelson was recruited by the FRU in 1979,
two years after his release from prison, where he had served
half of a seven-year sentence for unionist paramilitary

Nelson is said to have played an active role for the FRU and
their UDA death squads in the murders of 13 people, 14
attempted murders and 62 other murder conspiracies, including
an attempt on the life of Sinn Fein's Alex Maskey.

These include the 1989 murder of Belfast defence lawyer Pat
Finucane, the focus of growing demands for a public
international inquiry.

He is also believed to have been involved in the 1987 murder
of Catholic pensioner Francisco Notorantonio.

Ingram claims Notorantonio was sacrificed by Nelson's FRU
handlers to save the life of west Belfast man Freddie
Scappaticci, who he claims was a British 'superspy' inside the

Ingram has alleged Scappaticci was involved in dozens of
killings while working for British intelligence, as well as
the framed arrest of former Sinn Fein publicity director Danny
Morrison. Sinn Fein leaders have defended Mr Scappaticci
from Ingram's detailed but unsupported allegations.

The following is the Sunday Life's list of Nelson's murder

- Edward Campbell, 40, Catholic taxi driver, abducted and shot
by the UFF, July 1987.

- Patrick Hamill, 29, Catholic, shot dead at his home,
September 1987.

- Jim Meighan, 22, Catholic, shot dead September 1987 as he
sat in a car with his Protestant girlfriend in Ballysillan,
north Belfast.

- Francisco Notorantonio, 67, Catholic, shot dead as he lay in
bed next to his wife, October 1987.

- Adam Lambert, 19, Protestant, shot dead at a Belfast
building site, November 1987.

- Terry McDaid, 29, Catholic father-of two, shot seven times
at his Belfast home, May 1988.

- Gerard Slane, 27, Catholic, shot dead at his home off the
Falls Road, September 1988.

- Patrick Finucane, 38, Catholic solicitor, shot dead at his
north Belfast home, February 1989.

- John Joe Davey 58, from Gulladuff, Co Derry, shot dead by
the UVF, February 1989.

- Patrick Feeney, 32, Catholic, shot dead at work, February

- Gerard Casey, 29, IRA member, shot dead as he lay in bed
with his wife, April 1989.

- Liam McKee, 39, Catholic, shot dead at his Lisburn home,
June 1989.

- Loughlin Maginn, 28, Catholic, shot dead in the hallway of
his Rathfriland home, August 1989.

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