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Sectarian attacks continue

Tension has risen in north Belfast after a series of loyalist

A house on Ardoyne Road was the latest to be targeted early
yesterday morning.

Ursula Captain, and her two teenage children were in the living
room of their house at around 12.55am when the attack took place.

Ms Captain said she had seen a man in his twenties walk up the
road, stop at her house and pick up a brick.

"He kissed the brick and then he just threw it at my window," she

"It was definitely a sectarian attack. He ran off in the
direction of the (loyalist) Glenbryn estate.

"This isn't the first time this house has been attacked. We were
targeted eight months ago.

"There have been other attacks in the past three weeks. People
are just scared about what is coming next. No-one knows what is
going on or what to expect."

Sinn Fein councillor Margaret McClenaghan said the attack was the
latest in a series in the area.

"There have been reports nearly every night, particularly at the
weekend and especially in the last two weeks," she said.

"We don't know why we're going back to all this again. It has
been relatively quiet for the best part of the year. It seems to
be an attempt to raise the temperature in the area."

Meanwhile, a Sinn Fein councillor in east belfast, Joe O'Donnell
has condemned an attack on a Protestant memorial on the
Newtonards Road

"This is a memorial which was attacked, it is wrong, it should
not have happened and I have no difficulty condemning it
regardless of who did it. It has to be condemned by everyone," he

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