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Republicans mark Easter Rising

Republicans are marking the 88th anniversary of the Easter Rising
with more than 100 events this weekend.

Sinn Fein's main commemoration will be led by party president
Gerry Adams in Dublin on Sunday, with a march beginning at 1.30pm
from Parnell Square to Glasnevin cemetery.

In Belfast, the party's Bairbre de Brun will be the main speaker
tomorrow at an event at 1pm in the Beechmount area of the Falls
Road, while Martin McGuinness will be at Carrickmore, Co Tyrone,
at 3.30pm on Sunday.

The Workers Party, RSF, the IRSP and the Official Republican
Movement are among those also due to hold commemorations on
Sunday and Monday, with events centering on Milltown cemetery,


In its annual Easter statement, the leadership of the movement
associated with the breakaway Continuity IRA has said that
resistance to British presence in Ireland was "alive and well".

The CIRA group criticised the use of the word "dissidents",
saying: "The only dissidents are those who deviated off the path
of active and committed resistance in favour of lucrative
salaries... in a British Stormont, a far cry from a 32-County
socialist and democratic republic."

They said republicanism was going through a "difficult phase" but
urged "those disillusioned by the path republicanism is taking to
come out from the cold and actively support the efforts of true

In a statement signed by "the Leadership of the Republican
Movement", the group attacked what it called "the treachery of
our erstwhile so-called comrades in the Provisional Movement".

"The applause by our English enemy and their many allies
throughout the world of this act of treachery of destroying arms
and munitions in much greater quantities was sickening but not

"True Republicans throughout the world witnessed with total
amazement their groveling to the ancient Irish enemy and their
unionist counterparts in the months leading up to this foul act.

"Why do these people now not do the honourable thing and come
clean with their supporters and tell them that their objective to
an end to British rule is now at an end."

The statement took comfort in the failure of Sinn Fein to revive
"the foreign parliament" -- the Belfast Asssembly at Stormont.

"But whilst cooperating fully with the enemy, their new-found law
enforcers were at the same time harassing true Republicans in
many parts of the country," the statement claimed.

The group admitted it was "going through a difficult phase but
there have been darker days than these and we once again assert
our right to continue for National Independence.

"We encourage those disillusioned by the path Republicanism is
taking to come out from the cold and actively support the efforts
of true Republicanism. We recognise this may prove somewhat
difficult for some, but the Republican Movement is much bigger
than one man or woman, everyone has a part to play."

Meanwhile, dissident republican prisoners being held at
Maghaberry jail have also issued an Easter message.

It said: "We, the Republican prisoners, have borne witness not to
the defeat of Republicanism, but to the rise of a rejuvenated
movement across the island of Ireland. We remain fully confident
of our eventual victory.

"The lies and distortions of the media, the press and politicians
alike have not been sufficient to hide the grim reality behind
the facade of peace in Ireland. The flawed analysis of those who
proclaimed the Stormont agreement as a stepping stone to Irish
unity has been comprehensively disproved.

"The Crown force occupation of the North continues. In Derry,
Fermanagh, Armagh, Down, Antrim and Tyrone there are still large
numbers of British occupation forces terrorizing the local
Republican and Nationalist people and their communities."

The statement was signed: "Officer Commanding, I.R.A Prisoners.
On behalf of the Republican prisoners Maghaberry Gaol."

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